What I can do

Skills I possess that are applicable in the design industry.

Online Marketing Online Marketing

Working in a marketing team, an agency and freelancing have provided me with a great grasp of using SEO, Social media and Adwords to increase branding awareness and conversions.

UX Design UX Design

I have a working knowledge of using quantitative and qualitative research to create a UX design that can provide users with a memorable experience of a produce while meeting objectives.


Using analytics, heat maps and design analysis, I’m able to hypothesise improvements and run split-test experiments with the aim of improving website/app conversion rates.

Graphic Design Graphic Design

Using Illustrator and InDesign I have designed printed materials such as posters, t-shirts, magazine layouts and branding materials which include logos, business cards and letterheads.

UI Design UI Design

Using customer analysis, research and rapid prototyping I am able create visually appealing user interfaces that will work together with a perfectly planned UX design of an interactive product.

Web Design Web Design

As my main discipline, I have experience designing a variety of websites from events, portfolio, news to home loans. Using these skills I can create a website that not only looks good but meet objectives.

From the Blog

6  Things About Becoming A Web Designer

6 Things About Becoming A Web Designer

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5 Sites to use for web design inspiration

5 Sites to use for web design inspiration

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Expanding the web design process

Expanding the web design process

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All web designers know that unlike painters we can’t just create whatever our creative instinct tells us. Web design requires a little more strategy. We achieve this by following a standard web design process: Understanding the brief Research Wireframing Design Development Refine Every place I have studied design has always outlined this process. However, after […]

I am passionate about creating designs that are not just great to look at, but provide solutions to the problem at hand.

People I've worked with.

See what they have to say about me.

David Collett

Andy is one of the greatest employees I have ever had in managing people over the past 12 years. He is extremely creative, works well by himself and takes the initiative at every possible opportunity and provides design exactly to the brief and improves on it.

He is an excellent employee ad any company would be very lucky to have him onboard. I can not speak highly enough of what he did for our company

- David Collett
Daniel McGinty

I worked with Andy at Maverick Mav, where he fulfilled a range of different roles at all levels of the design and online marketing process. He combined excellent skills in graphic and web design with a strong understanding of how to position and market businesses on the web.

I would recommend Andy to any employer due to his ability to synthesize a range of skills into a strong overall understanding of all aspects of a project.

- Daniel McGinty
Riaaz Ahmed

Having Andy work on our website for Coffs Coast Carpentry was a very stress free experience, his punctuality and knowledge about design really showed in the whole process we had our website done in no-time

I would highly recommend Andy to anyone wanting professional design or advice on web design or graphics design.

- Riaaz Ahmed